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Thomas Patrick Clancy

December 5, 1951- June 24, 2016


"It's all in the doin'..."

- "Three Rivers" by Thomas Patrick Clancy

In 2002, after years of working with theater groups and seeing that actors (including himself) were not being used to their highest potential, Thomas Patrick Clancy founded Darknight Productions to provide actors, writers and directors with an environment in which to explore bold, provocative issues and themes​​. He also challenged actors to open up their minds and challenge themselves to undertake projects  as directors, producers and playwrights.  ​​Tom has worked with several other theater companies in the area including ARTgroup, Bronx Center Stage, Red Monkey Theater Group and Runaway Theater Company as producer, writer, actor and director. Tom truly believed in theater by the people, of the people and for the people.

"Three Rivers" (Jan Hus Theater)
"Close to the End" (Ground Floor Theater)
"Hopes and Dreams" (Mercy College)
"Ladies in Waiting" ( John De Sotelle Theater)
"A Family Matter" (Roy Arias Studios)
"Last Few Steps" (Ground Floor Theater)
"Last Rose of Summer"  (St. Peter's Playhouse)


"Laundry and Bourbon/Lonestar"  (Irish Arts Center)
"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"  (RMTG, Mercy College)
"The Cemetery Club"  (Ground Floor Theater)
"Ladies in Waiting"  (Darknight, John De Sotelle Theater)
"Wise Man" (Bridge Theater/ Shetler Studio)


"Twelve Angry Men" (Center Stage Playhouse)
"Arsenic and Old Lace" (ARTgroup)
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"--Bottom (La Plaza Cultural)
"Dark of the Moon" ( Center Stage Playhouse)
"The Merchant of Venice" -- Solanio ( RMTG, Center Stage Playhouse)
"Julius Caesar" -- Casca   (RTMG, Mercy College)
"Henry IV, parts I & 2" --Falstaff  (RMTG, Mercy College)
"King Lear" --Gloucester (RMTG, Mercy College)
"Back from the Front"  (Darknight, Shell Theater)
"Natural Causes" --Devanney (Darknight, NYC Fringe Festival, Sheen Center")


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