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Who's Who of Darknight
Danielle Tyler Columbus Circle 2022-05-01 _DSC0078_01.jpg
Danielle Nichole Tyler
Artistic Director

Danielle has been a member of Darknight Productions since its inception in 2002. She was appointed Co-Artistic Director in 2009 after  producing and directing one of Darknight's most successful annual productions "What I Always Wanted to Do: The Musical."  Since 2012, Danielle has also directed and produced Darknight's annual fundraiser for  charities including Bronx Oncology Living Daily (BOLD) and Wounded Warriors. She was appointed as Artistic Director in 2015.  Danielle's main love is dance and has been a choreographer for several companies in the NY/NJ/Westchester areas including Hackensack Theatre Company, Westchester Group Theater, Teaneck New Theater and The Strollers.  Darknight is truly her biggest joy and she owes all of her success in Darknight to her partner  Kevin Clancy (whether he likes it or not) and the growing number of incredibly talented members that she has had the ultimate pleasure of working with since 2002. 

Kevin Clancy 
Executive producer

Kevin Clancy  is the Co-Artistic Director and a founding member of Darknight Productions. He is the author of several full length plays and one-act anthologies which have been performed by Darknight, Reverie, ARTGroup, and Bronx Stage and Film Company. Kevin is also an actor, director, and producer who has worked in these capacities with Darknight, ARTGroup, Dobmeister, as well as the Red Monkey Theater Group and Level 92 Films. 

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